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English Class Summary (for complete details please see our Course Selection Handbook)
Class Duration Credits
English 9 Full Year 1.00
English 10 Full Year 1.00
English 11 Full Year 1.00
English 12 Full Year 1.00
AP English Literature and Composition Full Year 1.00
College Writing (Marist College Bridge Program) Full Year 1.00
Kelly Culver

Department English
Certification English/Language Arts 7-12
Education B.S., SUNY New Paltz; M.S.,Walden University
Professional Affiliations NCTE; Kappa Delta Pi
Interests Family activities, cooking, reading, hockey, football
Quote “Words create opportunities.  Learning to use them effectively is essential in becoming a contributing member of society.  It is my aim to help all students reach this goal.”
Victoria Howland  
Department English/Music
Certification NYS Adolescent Education, English 7-12
Education BA/BA U of Massachusettes, Amherst; MAT English SUNY New Paltz; MA English SUNY NP
Interests Reading, theatre, music, movies, time and space
Amy Ryan  
Department English
Education B.A. Sociology U of New Hampshire; M.A. Education Eastern Connecticut State University
Interests Reading, family, traveling, the Arts