John A. Coleman Craft Fair Contact John Coleman Catholic High School
What are the school’s hours?
School begins at 8:00 am and concludes at 2:35 pm. Students have 30 minutes for lunch.
Does Coleman have Advanced Placement Courses?
Coleman has A. P. courses in each of the academic areas, including: Calculus, Government, Biology, English Literature, Spanish, and French
Does Coleman have Honors Courses?
In many courses, teachers offer honors work.  Students who successfully complete the honors work and earn sufficiently high grades in the class will receive honors credit and honors designation on their transcripts.
How do I activate my Plus Portals Account?
To login to your Portal account click the Portal Login tab on the top of the website. Enter your e-mail address as your user name and your password. Your account is linked to your child and you will get all of the information about their classes and how to contact their teachers. If you are new to the school or have never logged into the Portal contact the main office for your user name and temporary password.
Do you have to be Catholic to attend Coleman?
There are no religious requirement to be a student here.  Presently, the following religions have students in the school – Catholic, non-Catholic Christian or Protestant, Jewish, Islam, as well as students with no religious affiliation.
Are there school buses?
The public school district where you live provides the buses.  There are state laws covering this, but essentially, if you are 15 miles or less from here, your district will provide a bus.
What educational background do you need to be accepted? 
Most students who have successfully completed 8th grade will be accepted conditionally into our 9th grade class.
Do you accept students with IEP’s and 504’s?
We have a full time Resource Teacher provided by the Kingston School District, however the principal must approve the IEP to assure that we have the services to offer the student.
Does Coleman have special education classes. 
We provide special education for students who attend regular classes but need resource room, or extended time, or a few other accommodations.  Students who require special class sizes are not accepted since we do not have those resources.  When you apply, we will review the IEP to determine suitability.
Are there scholarships?
Approximately half the students receive grants and/or scholarships.  These are based either on academics, talent, or need.  Unfortunately, these are not large amounts.  Typically, the awards amount to  $500 each.
Can a student who is considering attending shadow a student at John A. Coleman?
Yes!  We encourage students to shadow.  It needs to be arranged through our office.  We will match up a visitor with a student of the same grade and gender.  We do a lot of the shadowing during the month of February but we can arrange a specific shadow in other months too.
What is so special about John A. Coleman Catholic High School.
We are a small, private, Catholic high school.  Because of our small size, students have the opportunity to be part of almost every program available here.  They also will form strong bonds and friendships with the other students.  Our graduation is like a family gathering.
Has John A. Coleman produced successful graduates?
We are proud of the alumni in our school.  Many of the people in this county in important positions in government, service, and businesses are our alumni.  As well, some of our graduates have reached high levels in the corporate world at a national level. 
What kinds of diplomas do graduates receive?
A student can graduate with either a Regents or Advanced Regents diploma following the graduation requirements of the New Standard and Assessments of New York State.
Is there a dress code?
We have a dress code.  Simply stated, we expect students to be dressed “business casual.”  We expect student to be modestly dressed without jeans, sneakers, or tee-shirts.  This helps to convey a seriousness of purpose in the school.