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Foreign Language Class Summary (for complete details please see our Course Selection Handbook)
Class Duration Credits
French I Full Year 1.00
French II Full Year 1.00
French III Full Year 1.00
French IV (College Credit) Full Year 1.00
French V (AP) Full Year 1.00
Latin I & II Full Year 1.00
Spanish I Full Year 1.00
Spanish II Full Year 1.00
Spanish III Full Year 1.00
Spanish IV (College Credit) Full Year 1.00
Spanish V (AP) Full Year 1.00
AP Spanish Language & Culture Full Year 1.00
Monica Gonzalez
Department Foreign Language
Certification Spanish 1-12
Education B.S. in Education, National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina
Professional Affiliations Phi Delta Kappa
Interests Gardening, biking, cooking
Quote “I am passionate about teaching Spanish, not only the language but also the culture.  I feel rewarded when I manage to awaken in the students the desire to go further in their knowledge of the language.”
  Stephanie Cecelia
Department Foreign Language
Certification Spanish 7-12, FLES Elementary
Education B.A. Latin American Studies, M.S.Ed
Professional Affiliations NYSSAFLT, ACTFL
Interests Cooking Italian food, concerts, Organic gardening, movies, European Art, travel and dancing
Quote "Who dares teach must never cease to learn."  John Cotton Dana.
  How true, I learn so much from my students every day.
Theresa R. Schirmer
Department Foreign Language
Certification French 7-12; Spanish 7-12
Education B.A., SUNY Oneonta; M.S. in French Education and Literature, SUNY New Paltz
Professional Affiliations ALOUD; NYSAFLT
Interests Travel, history; reading, gardening, cooking
Quote Madame Schirmer’s father said,” You do not know where life is going to take you, so learn; be ready for whatever comes along.” 
Ed Tobin  
Department Foreign Language
Certification Latin; English; Social Studies; Mathematics 7-12
Education B.A., College of the Holy Cross; M.S.W., Fordham University
Interests Travel, Boston Red Sox & NY Giants
Quote "Mens Sano in Sano Corpoe" (A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body")