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Advanced Placement and College Credit Program

Students at Coleman Catholic High School may earn a number of college credits while fulfilling all the New York State Board of Regents mandates for high school diplomas and graduation.

Advanced Placement (AP):
AP courses offer students the opportunity to take college-level courses while still in high school. Successful completion of an AP course and AP exam could possibly earn you credit at a US or Canadian college or university. The colleges and universities set individual grade and score requirements for acceptance of AP courses for college credit. The colleges and universities also individually determine the amount of credit to be awarded.

Grade 12
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Spanish V
AP Calculus

College Credit Program:
College Writing – Marist College (3 credits)
College Algebra & Trig – Ulster Community College (3 credits)
Pre-Calculus – Ulster Community College (4 credits)
Calculus – Ulster Community College (4 credits)
Advanced Spanish (Spanish IV) Ulster Community College (4 credits)

Advanced French (French IV) Ulster Community College (4 credits)