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                                  COLEMAN REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION

                                                    (Includes NYS Regents requirements)


                                                                REGENTS DIPLOMA:


COURSE REQUIREMENTS                                          REGENTS EXAM REQUIRMENTS

                                                                                    65 or above on all Regents exams;

4 credits English                                                      ELA (English Language Arts)  

4 credits Social Studies                                           Global History & US History

3 credits Math                                                         Any one (1) Math

3 credits Science                                                      Any one (1) Regents Level Science

2 credits Foreign Language                                         

1 credit Art or Music                                              

2 credits Physical Education (.5 each year)        *Regents Diploma with Honors     

4 credits Religion                                                     is awarded to students who achieve an average          

2.5 credits Electives                                                of 90% or better on all of the required         

                                                                                    Regents exams.


Total Credits for Coleman students = 26                        Total Regents exams = 5



                                        (Prepares students for college study)



                                                                             65 or above on all Regents exams;   

4 credits English                                                ELA (English Language Arts)

4 credits Social Studies                                     Global History & US History

3 credits Math                                                    Regents Geometry

3 credits Science                                                Algebra I                                                                  

.5 credit Health                                                  Alegebra II

1 credit Art or Music                                         2 Science (1 physical/1 life science)

2 credits Physical Ed.                                             

3 credits Foreign Language                                                 

4 credits Religion

2.5 credits Electives                                               


Total Credits for Coleman students = 27                        Total Regents exams = 8

                                                                                                  (+ Foreign Language Assessment Exam)


** Students at Coleman are required to complete 2 years of a Foreign Language.


** An Advanced Regents WITH HONORS is awarded to students with an average on all Regents exams of 90% or higher.


** Coleman Catholic H.S. recommends that students take at least 3 years of a language, 4 years of Math and Science in preparation for college and SAT success. 


Coleman students are also required to perform Community Service.