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The mission of John A. Coleman Catholic High School is to provide a faith based, comprehensive college-preparatory

education in an inclusive community.


John A. Coleman Catholic High School is an academic secondary school with college preparatory, general academic, art, and
business programs. It is dedicated to the principle of Christian Education of our youth in the fullest sense. Its curriculum is strongly founded in and focused on the Liberal Arts tradition and attempts to realize the potential of individual students.

The faculty and staff of John A. Coleman believe in and are dedicated to the work of Christian Education. We hold that education
is an on-going process, through which individuals are developed and enriched in all their powers, spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social, and are thus directed on the path to the responsible fulfillment of these powers.

The purpose of John A. Coleman Catholic High School is to provide a pervading Christian atmosphere of personal faith, joy and
hope. This atmosphere will assist our students to grow in every facet of their personalities so that they may become individuals capable of responding with all their talents to authentic Christian values of justice and peace.

We believe that based on Christian charity, a mutual trust and personal concern will be exhibited on the part of the faculty and staff in
their own interactions and in their relations with the students. We believe that this atmosphere will foster that balance between freedom and the necessary discipline, which has as its ultimate objective, the self-discipline of the individual student.

Aware that the school is but one means in the total education of our students, we seek to involve the parents actively in our task by
providing means of consultation and by seeking their cooperation and help in our efforts to aid their children in any way which will benefit them.

Our ultimate purpose in all work is to help the students become responsible, well-adjusted and knowledgeable people, with a
sense of responsibility to God, themselves, their neighbor and the society in which they live.

As an independent Catholic school, we base not only our educational purposes, but also all our activities on the Christian teaching of
the essential equality of all persons as rooted in God as our loving parent.